We understand how challenging it can be for many Schools, clubs, sports teams, NGOs and religious places in organising funding for their Websites.

We have a solution for all such organisations.We can design a Website for your organisation that will be funded by your local sponsors. We call it a “Supported Website”.This enables you to have your own Website while your local sponsors also get the attention from your followers. We offer this solution to limited and qualified organisations.

How does the “Supported Websites” process work?

It is very simple, you get in touch with us and check your eligibility for a Supported website. We then contact your local businesses in your areas who might be willing to sponsor your website by paying a small amount towards your website.Once we have gained enough sponsors, we will then display their Logos on your Website under “our local Sponsors”. By doing this, they will get noticed by all the people visiting your website and You don’t have to pay anything for your website.

*In case we don’t manage to get enough Sponsors for your website, we might ask you to pay the difference.

To find out if you qualify for a Supported Website, Please fill the form below and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you: