Data And Analytics

Data Driven Marketing

At Top Rank Digital, we believe in data. Running a campaign without analytics, data and figures is a waste of time and money. It is very important to review your marketing campaigns on a regular basis and analyse the progress using facts and figures. We use this data to create the most effective marketing campaigns for our clients. Your Website analytics are the key metrics to focus on when working on any marketing campaign. The Analytics data can be used for any campaign to be successful. At Top Rank Digital, We use this data to understand your client behaviours and use it to design the most effective marketing campaigns with the lowest possible budget.

Ever wondered what happens to your website visitors who don’t buy on the sport?

You spend a lot of time and money on your website traffic every month. Let’s assume you get an X amount of traffic on your website every month and only 10-20% of those visitors buy your products or services every month. Ever wondered what happens to the other 80% of visitors who come to your website in that month? Top Rank Digital believes that every visitor counts and we set up a great strategy for these 80% of visitors to get better conversion every month.

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Website Analytics

Web analytics is the collection, reporting, and analysis of website data. The focus is to analyse this data and use the right marketing approach to get you the best results.

Email Tracking

As a part of our marketing campaigns, we track a source of every e-mail coming your way.

Smart Call Tracking

All our marketing campaigns are tracked and the main tracking tool we use is “smart call tracking”. In our monthly progress reports, we share the data of clients who contacted you through your Marketing campaigns.

Campaign Optimisation Reports

We don’t use the robotic approach on our campaigns where you set up things once and let it run forever. We use a manual approach while running all our campaigns and fix things as we go. We use data on a daily basis to improve your campaigns.