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    Are you looking for an SEO Agency New Zealand that delivers great results? Look no further. Ring us now and be a part of the Top Rank Digital Family.

    Top Rank Digital is a leading New Zealand based Search Engine Optimisation company that guarantees successful results. We take pride in being a rapidly growing SEO Company NZ, creating effective SEO campaigns for our clients. Top Rank Digital’s SEO team is highly skilled at getting your website to the top of all the search engines. At Top Rank Digital, we always work hard to evolve ourselves as the best Search Engine Optimisation company in New Zealand.

    Our skilled SEO team ensures you get the best Search Engine Optimization services in New Zealand. We work hard to meet our clients’ ideas and visions, and to get them to the top of the search engine rankings, ensuring the highest quality of traffic is driven towards their sites. This in terms can enormously improve ROI.

    Search Engine Optimisation has the ability to determine how successful a business will be. There’s no point just being on the internet. You need to be found, and that means you need the best SEO services.

    In the last few years, our professionals have helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the SEO Services New Zealand.

    While a lot has changed in the Digital World, Top Rank Digital has kept three things constant:

    • We always assign our clients with a dedicated project manager for guidance
    • We design our contracts that are always short-term and allow clients the ability to do what’s best for their business
    • We design our contracts that are always short-term and allow clients the ability to do what’s best for their business

    Top Rank Digital as a New Zealand SEO Company prides clients with an efficient and honest service.


    “We hired Top Rank Digital to work on our Website ranking as we were ranking nowhere even after launching our site a few years ago. They took us through a detailed SEO audit report and explained why the website was struggling to rank. After a strategic plan, they managed to rank most of our keywords on the first page on Google”.

    Sam, IBH Limited Auckland

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    Search Engine Optimisation Services FAQs

    Q1. Does My Business Need SEO?

    Yes, your business should be investing in SEO. Search engine optimization offers a way to increase traffic without paying for each and every click.

    If your website ranks organically on the search engines, this traffic is essentially free (at least in terms of a cost-per-click). Of course, it takes some time and Initial investment to achieve this.

    If you’re ignoring SEO, your competitors are enjoying this traffic. Most businesses cannot ignore the importance of SEO. No matter what type of company you are, whether you’re a local business, sell online, or are a global enterprise, you need to be paying attention to your SEO strategy.

    Q2. How Does SEO Work?

    SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on the search engines. But how does SEO work?

    Google uses over 200 ranking factors, and these allow the search engine’s algorithms to rank websites based upon the relevancy and authority of their pages. Google is striving to recommend the most relevant answer from the most trustworthy source in the most appropriate format for its user.

    To succeed at SEO, you need to ensure that your content is the most relevant result for a specific search query and that your website is seen as a trustworthy source.

    Q3. Why Isn't My Website Ranking on Google?

    If your website isn’t ranking on Google, there are a few reasons why that could be.

    • Your site is new and hasn’t built up sufficient authority to rank for competitive search queries.

    • Your content doesn’t match the searcher’s intent or lacks in-depth analysis or quality compared to the pages that rank for the queries you’re looking at.

    • Your site has launched very recently (within a few days), and you have not submitted the site to Google or linked to it from anywhere, meaning it hasn’t yet been indexed. Set up Google Search Console and request indexing.

    • You are not doing much to optimize the content of your website through SEO.

    Q4. How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

    It Depends. “SEO is just like working on your looks without wearing makeup.The end results are always rewarding however it’s not a simple process. It takes a lot of discipline and hardwork to achieve this”.

    Long gone are the days of launching a website, optimizing your title tags, and ranking in a few weeks. You can’t launch a website and expect it to rank for competitive search queries overnight. It takes time for a website to perform organically as Google ranks relevant sites that have built up authority.

    You need to earn your way to the top of Google and deserve to be there.

    A good answer is somewhere between six months and one year, but this is very much based on the level of resources you allocate to your strategy, the level of competition, and what others who compete for the same queries are doing.

    It might take only a few weeks to rank faster for key phrases or words with a very few searches happening on Google and might take over a year to rank for the most competitive Keywords.