Things to Expect When You Sign Up With An SEO Company

You’ve listened to their pitches, looked over their proposals, chosen an SEO agency, and signed the contract.

Now what?

The Beginning of an SEO Campaign

A few things should happen very soon once a contract is signed for an SEO campaign:

  • An first conversation (over the phone or in person) with your campaign manager, who will oversee the campaign and act as the hub of all communications.
  • An introduction (by phone or in person) to the key individuals who will be working on your campaign, likely including a technical SEO specialist to guide strategic and tactical choices and an analyst/researcher to gather, analyse, and interpret data. A competent agency will want you to understand what kind of work is being done by whom.
  • The agency will undertake keyword research to determine the focus keywords for the campaign and their importance. You will be asked to look over the list and, if you have any recommendations, to submit them.
  • The establishment of a preliminary to-do list to finish any campaign support campaign preparation tasks. Making several adjustments to your website to boost its SEO readiness is typically on the list. These alterations can occasionally be rather significant. For instance, phone and form tracking might need to be installed, and it might be necessary to completely rewrite the content of the product/service pages or even rearrange the site navigation.
  • As a logical extension of the preceding statement, a workflow plan will be established to specify who will implement website updates on your end and who will do so on the agency’s end.

Expectations for a Typical SEO Campaign

Beyond the initial setup responsibilities, the agency you have chosen should consistently do a number of activities. Possibly the most important

  • Every month, you should receive thorough (but clear) reports that outline the kind of work that was done as well as campaign KPIs, especially for organic traffic and conversions.
  • Reports issued by the agency on a monthly or quarterly basis that describe tactical or strategic changes that have been made to the campaign to enhance its efficacy.
  • Any unfavourable campaign developments, such as increased rival pressure or strategic adjustments and difficulty moving the campaign’s goals ahead, should be communicated clearly and openly.

In summary, a properly managed SEO strategy exudes openness, agility, and an effective execution procedure.

Do you want to talk about your upcoming SEO campaign? Send us a message right away. We’d like to hear about your obstacles and work with you to find fresh ways to bring in targeted visitors and top-notch sales leads.

When it comes to choosing an SEO company in New Zealand, there are several factors to consider. One of the most critical factors is the company’s experience and track record in delivering successful SEO campaigns. A reputable SEO company should have a portfolio of successful case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients.

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