Don’t Sell, Educate Your Customers!

It’s a fact that Sales people are very good at convincing any customer using their skills, knowledge and some sales tricks:). Selling isn’t a process of closing, it’s an opening to a new relationship with your clients. For over 15 years, One thing that I have noticed that distinguishes a good Sales person from an average one is the ability to educate their client.

Selling is the easiest thing on the planet earth and selling something that is measurable is even easier. Digital Marketing is needed for all types of businesses be it for Branding or generating new leads. Understanding a business need is an Art that every salesperson should adapt. For an ever lasting relationship with your client, it is necessary that you educate them about the products and services you are going to offer them and help them make a decision rather than closing for them.

Here are Top 5 reasons why you should educate clients when selling rather than only using your skills to close a deal:

1. Product Knowledge:

When offering a product or a service to our client, you must explain the features and benefits to the clients and marry those benefits with the needs of your client. You must educate your client to ensure they understand what they are signing for and how it works. Having product knowledge helps anyone make a wise decision.

2. Empower your Clients:

Education in general empowers everyone. In this case, education will help your clients feel confident about your products and services. We make a confident decision when we understand how things work. Your clients should understand how Marketing products like Google Ads, SEO, Facebook etc work and what results they can expect out of your services

3. Build Confidence:

“If you can explain something in an easier way that people can understand, you are a genius”. Digital Marketing products can be complex to understand, however, if you explain them well, it means you understand them well.If a client senses your knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing products, he/she will trust you more. There is nothing better than building trust with a client before signing them.

4. Customer Loyalty:

If you do a great job of explaining and educating your clients about your products and their benefits, your clients are likely to stay with you for longer.Customer retention is as important as bringing a new client on board. Loyal clients are your biggest testimonials so hold on to them.

5. Business growth:

Your business is because of your customers. If you have a loyal customer base, you can grow your business. An educated client understands Marketing better than anyone. They understand the strength and the weakness of Marketing products. They are patient and don’t jump here and there for better deals. They understand how they can grow along with you.

So, next time you meet a client, put a teacher’s crown on rather than a Salesman’s hat. Educating your clients helps you gain Loyal clients who will stay with you for longer and help grow your business.

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